B3 and QR Asset launch free course on cryptocurrency investments


SAO PAULO – At a time of strong growth in the cryptocurrency market, with the launch of several related products in Brazil, such as index funds (ETFs), it is increasingly necessary for investors to learn and understand how Bitcoin and others work digital assets.

And for that, the operator of the Brazilian stock exchange, B3, together with the manager QR Asset Management, launches this Wednesday (8) the first course on cryptoactives on the stock exchange.

The course, entitled “How to Invest in Crypto on the Stock Exchange”, will be free and completely online, with recorded classes that students can watch at any time they prefer. Registration starts on September 13th, but it is already possible to reserve a place in the course through the website created by B3 and QR Asset.

In a statement, the companies explain that the purpose of the course is “to educate investors about this new asset class, in order to explore it without taking risks.” There will be three modules with a total of eight classes, with the right to a certificate signed by B3 for those who complete the program.

According to Alexandre Ludolf, investment director at QR Asset, financial education is very important for investors, especially when it comes to the cryptoactive market, which is still recent and has attracted many people due to its potential.

“The goal [do curso] is to inform the investor that there are safe, regulated and very simple ways to invest in this asset class. We were also concerned with teaching the means to shield ourselves from fraud, pyramid schemes and various other ‘mermaid songs’ that permeate the unregulated market”, he explains.

The companies also explain that the course schedule was designed taking into account the different profiles of investors and the various age groups, ranging from the middle-aged individual investor, through young people who have just started in the market and even qualified investors , institutional, financial advisors and analysts.

“Investments linked to the cryptoactive market are recent in Brazil and require understanding by investors. We believe that this QR Asset course, with support from B3, will be an interesting source of knowledge for investors on the subject, bringing more relevant information about the characteristics of this type of investment”, explains Christianne Bariquelli, Education Superintendent at B3.

Among the factors that led to the creation of the course is the increase in CPFs registered on the Stock Exchange, in addition to the launch of five ETFs, increasing the public with access to investments in cryptoactives. In addition, QR Asset highlights that “recent news about Bitcoin scams and crimes may also revive old disbeliefs about this class of assets, demanding educational initiatives on the subject.”

Lesson content

The course will be divided into three modules and will have eight classes with professionals and experts in the cryptoactive market, covering topics ranging from a basic explanation of what Bitcoin is to how to identify and avoid risks.

The professors will be Fernando Ulrich, a partner at Liberta Investimentos; Fernando Carvalho, CEO of the QR Capital holding; Alexandre Ludolf, Investment Director at QR Asset Management; Rafael Izidoro, CEO of Rispar; and Marcelo Carmo, Business Director at QR Asset Management.

In the first module, “Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptoactives”, Ulrich explains the basics of what Bitcoin is and how it works, in addition to analyzing the macroeconomic scenario and the opinions of various experts on the investment thesis in cryptocurrency and its comparison with gold .

In the second module, “Myths and Truths about Cryptoactives”, issues of scalability of the Bitcoin network, ways to reach consensus on a blockchain network and an assessment of the reasons and if it makes sense to associate this market with cybercrime will be explored, showing how the Bitcoin network handles security.

Finally, in the third and final module, “Investing in Crypto on the Stock Exchange”, the professors detail the possibilities, strategies, advantages and risks of investing in crypto on the stock exchange.

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