Barbara Evans shows her tummy pregnant with twins for the 1st time

Digital influencer Bparbara Evans enchanted by showing her tummy pregnant with twins

the digital influencer Barbara Evans announced just three days ago that she is pregnant with twins! The little ones are the result of Barbara’s marriage to Gustavo Theodoro. The couple managed to get pregnant after having gone through a long and difficult in vitro fertilization and they are in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Now, Barbara Evans enchanted by showing her pregnant belly for the first time in a day at the pool. When showing her pregnant belly sitting on the edge of the pool, the digital influencer said: “Feriadooooou! Barbecue plus pool plus family equals love!”.

In front of the beautiful photo, Monique Evans declared to her daughter saying: “Most beautiful mother in the world”. Barbara also talked about her pregnant belly and how she’s feeling during her pregnancy. “Today I just woke up with a slight low pressure and a little shortness of breath, but no nausea, Mom’s on, online! Look, I’m going to show you something, a lot of people said I was puffing up my stomach, but I’m not! It’s not a joke, my people,” she said.

AND Barbara Evans also answered some questions from internet users. “When you did the first ultra did you find out that they were twins?”, asked a netizen. And she explained: “No! I did the first ultra on August 20th and only one came up. And we did a new ultra on September 2nd where it showed that there were two”.

She also talked about whether she ever had cravings for pregnancy. “You asked me about desire… It’s not desire, I feel like eating, but I didn’t have any crazy desire, nothing, but I want to see if the husband will get up and fix it for Mom. Now I realized that I want to eat a mixture in that old thing of doing it on the stove, but it’s not desire, it’s desire”, she commented.

A netizen also asked: “Were you afraid at the beginning of the pregnancy? Of losing?”. And Barbara explained: “I’m still going through this, the first three months are the most ‘dangerous’, fear is always there, but we have to be bigger than it. And always think positive! Our love is so great that nothing bad will happen”.

Barbara Evans waiting for her twins

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