Betrayal? Maiara uses live horns after breaking up with Fernando Zor

Sisters Maiara and Maraisa did a live on the holiday night of September 7th and surprised the fans. But one detail caught the web’s attention: In one excerpt, Maiara, who recently separated from her fiance, the countryman Fernando Zor, duo with Sorocaba, appears playing with a horn filter.

Maiara, who is lying in bed, at ease, talks to Maraisa, who is having a drink at a restaurant. “Come here, I’m on the side, come here”, says Maraisa. At a certain point, Fernando’s ex, who plays with the horn filter, says: “It seems like there’s something following me and I don’t know what it is, sister. My head is heavy”.


Maraisa added: “You have to get this out of your head. It doesn’t belong to you, no. That’s why I don’t date. That one never catches me. You are crazy. Head even hurt just imagining it”. The singer continued: “I didn’t want to talk to you, but I’m on a romantic date, sister”.

Together since the beginning of 2019 and among several comings and goings, Maiara and Fernando became engaged in February of this year, during a trip to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, after a parachute jump.

The separation would have occurred due to the singer’s jealousy in relation to the countryman Henrique, Juliano’s duo. As the column Leo Dias reported, the singer does not think about going back. “This time it’s decided”, I assured