”Biggest scare of my life”

Luiza Possi goes through an unusual situation at 8 months of pregnancy with her second child and reports her experience on social networks

This Tuesday 7th Luiza Possi (37) had a scare and ended up experiencing trouble in her second pregnancy.

At 8 months of pregnancy, the singer thought her bag had burst and ran to the hospital, believing that it was time for her child to be born, Matteo. Despite this, arriving there, the blonde realized that it was just an accident. Without realizing it, she sat down in a wet spot and ended up getting confused by the situation.

Guys, yesterday I had the biggest scare of my life. But read to the end. Yesterday, all of a sudden, everything got wet, I started screaming that the bag broke. I’m 32 weeks old and that would be too bad. I called my doctor, called my husband, mother, son, everyone. Suddenly, it didn’t get wet anymore, I thought it was curious, because when the bag bursts, it’s flooding” she explained.

I went to the hospital in a hurry! I was in the countryside, imagine my head on the trip? I was examined and the bag really hadn’t burst! Thank God. But then what happened? The conclusion is: I sat in the wet”, completed.

Luiza Possi is waiting for her second heir. she is already the mother of Lucca (2), also the result of her marriage to the director Cris Gomes.

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