Bolsonaro’s Impeachment: Mourão “doesn’t see the right mood” for the process | Policy

O Vice President of the Republic, Hamilton Mourão, stated this Wednesday (08) that he “does not see the mood” for the impeachment of president Jair Bolsonaro, even after yesterday’s coup-tongued speeches. For the deputy, Bolsonaro has a “comfortable majority” to prevent the advance of an eventual impediment process in the Chamber.

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“I don’t see that there is a climate for the president’s impeachment, either in the population, as a whole, or within the Congress itself. I think the government has a comfortable majority of more than 200 deputies there. It is not the majority to approve large projects , but it is a majority capable of preventing any process from prospering against the person of the President of the Republic,” argued the vice president, as he embarked in the federal capital for a flight over the Amazon with heads of diplomatic missions.

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Mourão, who attended the event in Brasília alongside the president, opined that there are excesses in the fake news inquiry, conducted by the minister Alexandre de Moraes at the Federal Supreme Court (STF). The opening of the investigations was ratified by the plenary of the Court.

“In my view, there is tension, especially between the Judiciary and the Executive, I have a very clear idea that the inquiry conducted by Minister Alexandre de Moraes is not correct, a judge cannot conduct an inquiry, I think that everything would be resolved if the the inquiry was handed over to the PGR and it was over, that would alleviate all the problems,” he pointed out. “I think there are heads in there who understand that this has gone beyond what was necessary and I think that by talking we understand each other”.

The demonstrations on Tuesday (07), in Mourão’s view, had “a significant concentration of the Brazilian population”. The deputy avoided commenting on the statements made by Bolsonaro, who threatened not to comply with any court decisions determined by Moraes.

“It’s a change because the streets have always been the domain of segments of the left. Yesterday, you saw a huge amount, I was here at the demonstration in Brasília, around 150 thousand people were gathered there, I believe that in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo it arrived also around this issue. So, it is an expressive manifestation, I do not comment on speeches that were made because it is my ethical issue, it is not the case for me to comment”.

In addition to the attacks on the STF, Bolsonaro promised to call a meeting of the Council of the Republic to discuss the direction of the country. The meeting, however, is not confirmed. The body, headed by the President of the Republic, has by definition the prerogative of dealing with “federal intervention, state of defense and state of siege”, in addition to “issues relevant to the stability of democratic institutions”.

Later this morning, Bolsonaro will have a meeting with the Government Council, formed by its ministers, commanders of the Armed Forces, presidents of public banks and other auxiliaries.