Bonner calls Bolsonaro a ‘coupist’ and accuses ‘contempt for the Constitution’ · TV News

With incisive tone, William Bonner started the Jornal Nacional this Tuesday (7) without sparing criticism of Jair Bolsonaro. Globo’s anchor stated that the speeches given by the president during the September 7 events had a “coupist tone” and that the government’s attitudes in the demonstrations were “a demonstration of contempt for the Constitution”.

Right on the climb, when the main news of the edition are presented, JN already showed that he would have a sharp day. “Disrespecting democracy with the colors of our flag,” began Bonner. “In a coup-like tone, the president addresses protesters in Brasília and São Paulo.”

After the opening of the newscast, the presenter maintained a tone contrary to the president — who has also made several criticisms of Globo and the journalism practiced by the station.

“Brazil witnessed today a demonstration of contempt for the Constitution, promoted and insufflated by the President of the Republic. In several cities, thousands of pocket members participated in acts with agendas that affront democracy, such as military intervention and the removal of Supreme Court ministers Federal,” narrated Bonner.

“In Brasília and São Paulo, President Jair Bolsonaro spoke. He returned to attacking governors and mayors who took measures to combat the dissemination of the coronavirus. He returned to attacking STF members. He returned to attacking the Brazilian electoral system. And on independence day , Bolsonaro raised the temperature of the institutional crisis that he himself created and has fueled,” said the anchor, in an editorial tone.