Bragança opens an appointment for the first, second and third doses

At 12:00 on Tuesday, 7, the City of Bragança Paulista will open on its website the schedule for vaccination against COVID-19 for groups of first, second and third doses.

Mandatory scheduling must be done on the Bragança City Hall website. For everyone, at the time of vaccination, it is also necessary to carry personal documents with a photo (RG and CPF). For those who are going to take the second dose, proof of vaccination for the first dose is mandatory. And for those who are going to take the third dose, proof of the first and second dose.

The City Hall also asks that whoever can, collaborate and take 1kg of food to the vaccination post.


As informed by the Municipal Health Department, appointments will be open for the public aged 12 to 17 years without comorbidities. This group must present a completed Assent Term.


Also from today, they will be able to schedule a second dose vaccinated with CoronaVac/Sinovac/Butantan, until the 18/8; vaccinated with AstraZeneca/Fiocruz until 6/23 and immunized with Pfizer until 6/22.


The third dose group or booster dose will also have an open schedule for the first time in Bragança Paulista. In this first group, elderly people aged 85 years or more will be covered, who took the second dose until the day 13/3.

Check the address of all Vaccination Units at:


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