Brazil vs Argentina: Director claims that Anvisa was prevented from working before the game: ‘We were embarrassed’

The director of Anvisa, Alex Machado Campo, reported that the Brazilian body was prevented from carrying out its work before the classic between Brazil and Argentina and that, therefore, the authorities had to stop the match with it already in progress, something that was not in the entity’s plans.

“We arrived in Itaquera at 3 pm, an hour before the show starts. That awkward movement began. Players entering one room, leaving another, warming up. A clear attempt to take the fact for granted,” he told the channel SportTV.

“Anvisa does not have the competence to interrupt a football game, it was not the proposal to interrupt the show. When we arrived in Itaquera, we were prevented from carrying out our work, we were embarrassed by the sports authorities that were there and denied access”, he added.

Alex also detailed all the action of Anvisa and reiterated that the situation was to have been controlled at most until the night before the match, valid by South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

“Initially there was information that there were no players with passages in the United Kingdom, India, South Africa and Northern Ireland. As soon as the information came, we already called the local health authority in São Paulo, which promptly acted on Saturday morning informing that these four players could not leave the hotel”.

“A meeting was held at 5 pm on the same day, now with all health authorities in the country, involving the participation of CBF, Conmebol and the Argentine Federation. The other day, we learned that they went to training and then Anvisa called the Federal Police to act. This initial attempt was made at the hotel and, when we arrived and found that the players weren’t there, we went to Itaquera”, he reported.

“Brazil itself complied with the protocol and played without a person, but Argentina could not comply, preventing Anvisa from carrying out its work. This matter was supposed to be resolved since Saturday night”, he concluded, referring to the athletes summoned by Tite, but who could not perform because they were not released by the English clubs.

Now, according to the UOL, FIFA opened an investigation into the case and gave a period of up to six days for CBF, AFA and Conmebol to send documents and information about the interrupted game.