Brusque is thrashed by Coritiba and hasn’t won in nine games in Serie B

Brusque was run over by Coritiba 4-0 on the night of Tuesday, 7th, for the 23rd round of the Series B of the Brazilian Championship. The match had Ruan Carneiro again stealing the scene, this time defending two penalties, but goals from Igor Paixão, Luciano Castan, Leo Gamalho and Matheus Sales set the tone for a new rout suffered by the quadricolor. The team sleeps with the second worst defense in the competition (32 goals conceded).

The game at Couto Pereira was new in the squad by Brusque. Thiago Alagoano started on the bench and Marlone started with Alex Ruan. Zé Mateus assumed the captain’s armband.

There are nine games without a win, Marreco accumulates a series of five games without scoring goals. The last time this happened was at Santa Catarina in 2012. The club’s history record is seven matches, between March 7th and April 1st, 1990.

Of the ten defeats in Serie B, this was the sixth in which Brusque conceded at least three goals.

Marking failures

The two teams started the match at a more paced pace, with good defenses. Coritiba did not take long to populate the attacking field and put pressure on it, but the brusque defense managed to spare Ruan Carneiro.

However, the nets shook after 12 minutes, in the defense’s hesitation. Robinho received it on the left and crossed with precision. Igor Paixão, completely free of marking, went up absolute and headed near the foot of the goalkeeper’s right crossbar: 1-0.

Robinho wanted to expand in style. Seeing Ruan Carneiro ahead, he tried the kick from midfield in the 15th minute. The ball passed close to the goal.

The advantage of the thigh was extended to 19. After leaving the corner kick, Val risked the kick from outside, but the ball was low and weak. Luciano Castan interrupted the trajectory, dominated, came face to face with Ruan Carneiro and moved coldly.

brusque answers

Brusque went more on the attack, but was inoperative, and was only in danger in the 27th minute. Marlone crossed for Edu, but Luciano Castan intercepted. Zé Mateus took the leftovers, invaded the area and kicked. The ball swerved on the back of Edu, who was down, and went out, but the referee took a corner kick.

Two minutes later, Ianson rolled over to Edu, who sent a bomb far away. The quadricolor had four submissions in the first stage, but Wilson needed little to do.

Ruan Carneiro, the penalty kick

In the 36th minute, Everton Alemão brought down Leo Gamalho in the area. The number 9 of Coritiba, runner-up in Serie B, went to the ball, in an attempt to equal Edu as the main scorer of Serie B. But Ruan Carneiro, who had already taken a penalty against Avaí in the previous round, acted again . He made a great defense with his foot.

Seconds later, the VAR ordered the collection back. The goalkeeper had taken a step forward, influenced by a stop by the center forward midway.

It was no problem. Leo Gamalho broke, hit and Ruan Carneiro made a wonderful save, stretching his right hand in his high corner. On the rebound, he managed to get up and fit.

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Tied artillery

Even with Ruan Carneiro defending penalties, Leo Gamalho managed to score his 11th goal in Serie B, to touch Edu in the league’s top scorers. At four minutes, Nathaniel reached the throw and, from the back line, made the cross. The defense of Brusque was totally messed up, and the ball crossed the small area to reach shirt 9 of the thigh. Alone, he dominated and placed with category in the goalkeeper’s left corner.

At 12, Guilherme Biro lost a great chance to make the fourth. Received a deep pass, but isolated in the submission.

Disallowed goal

The fourth goal was disallowed in the 17th minute. Val released Leo Gamalho, who left Ianson on the ground and played at Ruan Carneiro’s exit. The VAR reviewed the bid and flagged the offside.


The account was closed at 31, with Coritiba playing at natural, while Brusque had shattered morale. Matheus Sales broke the opponent’s ball, started at speed and invaded the area. In the first kick, Ruan Carneiro defended. On the rebound, the steering wheel sent it to the back of the net.

Wilson had to work at 45. Thiago Alagoano filled his left foot on the edge of the area and the Coxa goalkeeper made a good save.

next game

Brusque will face Vitória at 16:00 on Friday, September 17, at the Augusto Bauer stadium.

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