CBF and 19 clubs decide to keep Serie A without public and try to overthrow Flamengo’s injunction in STJD | brazilian series a

The CBF and 19 clubs competing in the Brazilian Championship – all except Flamengo – decided on Wednesday that the Serie A games will continue without the presence of an audience.

The 19 clubs also decided to join an action in the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) to try to overturn the injunction granted to Flamengo that allows the presence of the public in the team’s games. In addition, it was decided that, if any club uses an injunction to have fans in the stands, the entire round of the Brazilian Nationals will be suspended.

A new meeting to discuss the topic was scheduled for September 28th.

Empty Maracanã: Flamengo defends immediate public release — Photo: Luã Vitor / Maracanã

Hours before the meeting, Flamengo published an official statement stating that “it is not up to the clubs or the CBF” to decide on the presence of the public in the stadiums. Therefore, the club did not participate in the meeting. This week, the City of Rio de Janeiro allowed what it called a “test event” with the public in three matches of the rubro-negro team at Maracanã, one of them for Brasileirão, against Grêmio.

During the meeting, Atlético-MG recalled that it also has an injunction that allows it to send games with the presence of the public, but made it clear that he will not use it because he prefers the collective understanding.

The Brasileirão games still did not have a public in 2021, despite the release of the authorities in some cities. The clubs, with the exception of Flamengo, believe that the return must be at the same time for everyone. In São Paulo, for example, Governor João Doria stated that there will only be public release in the stadiums from November 1st..

Hours before the meeting, there was embarrassment in the WhatsApp group of Serie A club presidents. The president of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim, shared the official note in which he explained the reasons why he would not participate in the meeting and was charged by some peers.

Rodolfo Landim was criticized by the presidents of other clubs — Photo: Alexandre Lago

“Is that how you want to talk about the League?”, “Is it with this attitude that clubs are preached?” were some of the comments from other presidents.

During the meeting, Flamengo was the target of more criticism in the same sense, that the stance of “playing alone” goes against any attempt to create a league.