Cenapop · Britney Spears’ father asks the court to end the singer’s guardianship

Jamie Spears, father of the singer Britney Spears, took a surprising decision this Tuesday (07/09): he petitioned the US court asking for the termination of the artist’s guardianship, which he has commanded since 2008.

The information is from the network NBC, who reported that Britney’s father referred the document to the court, saying that she “has a right for the court to seriously consider whether such guardianship is really still necessary.”

Still according to the text sent to the court, Jamie claims that the circumstances of Britney’s life have changed since 2008, and with that, “the need to establish a guardianship may no longer exist”.

In addition, Jamie claims that, to end the guardianship, Britney would not need to pass new exams — something she has already made clear in her recent statements that she would not do.

Understand the dispute between Britney and her father

Britney Spears he is currently fighting a battle in the US court to regain control of his private and financial life. The singer wants to end her father’s tutelage over her business, which has been in place since 2008, and tries to convince the court that she can manage her life alone. However, she doesn’t want to do a mental health assessment.

In July, a magazine source people stated that the artist does not intend to pass the evaluation, considering that her doctors “failed her” in the past.

“She doesn’t trust the doctors she’s worked with so far,” the publication’s insider said, noting that Britney has never revealed her mental health diagnosis and that the 39-year-old pop star’s medical records are sealed. “She feels they have failed her,” he continued.

weeks before, Britney participated in an explosive court hearing, where she accused her family of unnecessarily holding her in custody., still has repercussions both on social networks (with the #FreeBritney campaign in full swing) and among its staff.

The personal responsible for the curatorship of Britney, Jodi Montgomery, and the singer’s father began to accuse each other after she said in court that she was forced to come forward, use contraceptive methods such as an IUD, and that she was forced into a psychiatric clinic in 2019.

After the singer’s statements, several members of Britney’s team started to resign, as the company Bessemer Trust, specializing in wealth management, and its manager Larry Rudolph. Several sources claim that Jamie and Britney no longer have any contact.

“Britney is following everything closely,” said a source in the singer’s family, who added that the model Sam Asghari, the star’s boyfriend, is the one who has continued to support his legal battle.. “He remains her rock. She is hopeful that there will be big changes.”