Check out the first reactions from international critics

The film 7 prisoners, starring Rodrigo Santoro and Christian Malheiros, was successful among international critics. The Netflix feature does not have a release date yet, but it has already been seen by journalists.

Check out some reactions below:

  • “7 Prisoners firmly establish it [Alexandre Moratto] as a gifted filmmaker telling important stories from the region — and it’s as engaging as it is depressing and brutally educational,” wrote Deadline.
  • “An essential piece of social-realist cinema for our times”, according to The Wrap.
  • “Moratto complicates the central dilemma with the skill of a master dramatist. The work of tension that forms between Mateus (Malheiros) and the other workers is simple, but deeply felt”, said IndieWire.

Check out the synopsis of the movie: “To improve the life of his family in the interior, young Mateus accepts a job at a junkyard in São Paulo, but ends up involved in the dangerous world of human trafficking. Now, he will have to decide between continuing to work for the criminal boss or put the future of the family at risk.”

Directed by Moratto (Socrates) and produced by Ramin Bahrani (99 Houses) and Fernando Meirelles (two popes), 7 prisoners it still doesn’t have an official release date.

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