CNN Brasil pays the bill for the exaggerations committed – Prisma

At the end of last week, the audience was surprised by CNN Brasil’s decision to interrupt the contract with Evaristo Costa. And even he didn’t expect that: his commitment had another year and a half to go.

In the interiors, it is said, the cost-benefit issue was weighted.

For some time now, however, signs have been given of changes at CNN from its original design. Just as such a volume of investments always caused strangeness, between hiring and editing refinements, more than a year before the TV went into operation.

No matter how big, better, professional or even private the intentions may be, the size of money at stake has always been very high, without any prospects for a medium-term return.

Nobody is willing to do that for long.

Other surprises, such as the Evaristo case, should not be discarded for CNN Brasil in the near future. Or, according to current thinking, install a work policy quite different from the one that has existed until now.

TV is an expensive toy, but in this case they overdosed.

How much secret?

In addition to the usual spitting, players and virtually everyone involved in football games have something else in common.

You can see, no conversation between them takes place without covering their mouths.

all right

In fact, no one has anything to do with or mess with other people’s conversations, but it’s still something that draws attention.

What is this fear of lip reading? How much talk no one can know? At the very least, it’s somebody’s harm.

so look

In terms of the upcoming “Farm”, this is a promising Thursday.

First, in “Hoje em Dia”, with César Filho and Ticiane Pinheiro, Adriane Galisteu will be officially announced as the new presenter.

it’s not just

Of all the confined participants, since last weekend, there will be a draw among the 20 confirmed and seven will be selected to appear in “Hoje em Dia”.

In addition to the presentation, those chosen will participate in the interview, with equal time for each one in the answers.

Have more

Other movements, in relation to the next “Fazenda”, should happen along Record’s schedule until its debut on Tuesday. Good to stay tuned.

One of these will be a special program on Monday, with the revelation of one more participant. Not to mention that, in addition to the 20, a vote will be announced to choose the 21st element, among other 4 confined people.


In an interview with the “Fazenda” podcast on R7, director Rodrigo Carelli admitted that someone from music will be among the 20 confirmed participants.

But only. Single Lane. Among the various names scattered around, now it’s time to wait and see which one will be confirmed. It even looks like it will be more than one.

Mega Ramp

Band and BandSports will present, on October 10th, the event Mega Rampa, which was by Globo, a reference in skateboarding. The competition, in Dreamland, United States, the largest private park in the sport.

The place is nothing more than the backyard of the home of Brazilian Bob Burnquist, world icon of the sport and greatest medalist in the history of X Games.


Record continues to invest heavily in the realities show segment.

This next Sunday, at “Hora do Faro”, the premiere of “Famosas em Apuros” will take place, with Adriana Bombom, Li Martins and Luiza Ambiel.

floor of stars

Esther Góes, who was part of the cast of “Genesis”, can be seen on Canal Brasil in “Chão de Estrelas”, a series by Hilton Lacerda and premiered this Friday, at 10:30 pm.

The production revolves around an anarchic theatrical group, which occupies a large house in the Historic Center of Recife and addresses themes such as contempt for culture by the conservative society and real estate speculation.


Claudia Raia will premiere the show “Conserto para Dois, O Musical” at Teatro Procópio Ferreira, with Jarbas Homem de Mello, on October 1st.

Due to this work, which has already completed its season in Portugal, she walks a little away from TV. He’s not even on the jury for the new “Show of the Famous”.

Movie theater

Currently in the rerun of “Império” and in the recordings of “Um Lugar ao Sol”, Andréia Horta will also make her film debut, on the 16th, as the protagonist of the drama “O Jardim Secreto de Mariana”, by Sergio Rezende.

Also in the cast, Gustavo Vaz, Paulo Gorgulho and Denise Weinberg.

special coverage

BandNews TV will have a special coverage, next Saturday, on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Eduardo Barão and Eduardo Castro will share the NY/SP anchorage.

And during the program, the participation of former ambassador to Washington, Sergio Amaral, and journalists Jamil Chad, Felipe Kieling and Yan Boechat, in addition to a series of interviews.

Hits – Hits

• “The Voice Kids”, by Globo, enters a live stage starting next Sunday.

• SBT is working on acquiring new sports rights…

• … The order now is to join the fight for the state.

• On air from 23:21 to 12:16, the new “Show do Milhão” debuted in second place in Greater São Paulo, on Friday, with 6.1 points.

• Disney itself nominated Gabriella Di Grecco to play Nora Labbra in the musical “The choir”, already in recordings…

• … Production performed by Formata, Miguel Falabella and Cininha de Paula, will debut at Disney+ in 2022.

• Globo speeds up the preparation with the cast for “Beyond the illusion”, the next six o’clock soap opera…

• … And already moving all its cores.

• Sophie Charlotte will be in two Globo productions in 2022: the miniseries “O Anjo de Hamburgo” and the soap opera “Olho por Olho”, in the line at 9 pm.

• Ronnie Von and son Leo recorded appearances on one of the “MasterChef” year-end specials in the Band.