Consumption dream: Xbox fan has a collection with 92 controllers

And here I just want a controller (and an Xbox) to have a friend…

Some time ago, in August to be more precise, we published the story of the collector of items from Final Fantasy with over 4,000 items (and a Guinness nomination) from the popular roleplaying. Now we present to you a curious case, even if the number of items is smaller: the collector with 92 Xbox controllers.

the user of Reddit Killshot4077 published in the subforum of Xbox your collection of xbox controls that pass through all generations of Microsoft console. From the image, he only has a control of the first generation. And a very special control: the duke! This gigantic controller was the first version created for the Xbox. Due to its enormous size and lack of ergonomics. Check out the post from Killshot4077 and then an image of Duke (first control outside the box at the top of the image), which should be ergonomic for Shaquille O’Neal.

Source: Disclosure/Microsoft

Most of the collection are controls from the Xbox one. And yes, the image has “only” 91 controls. The collector explains in the post that one of them is still in the special version box. Cyberpunk Xbox One X.

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Among the special models that Killshot4077 have are: special edition of Gears of War, two models of the Minecraft (my little cousin would love one), some of the Star Wars, one of Sea of ​​Thieves, a model inspired by PUBG and of course two of the cyberpunk. One visible in the image and one saved in the box.

Speaking of “box”, Killshot4077 revealed that he has 11 consoles from Microsoft at home. And I imagine that number will go up now that the company has announced a special edition of Xbox Series X with a new control for Halo Infinite.

Some with so much, others with so few. I’m not just talking about controls and consoles, but money too. Such a collection did not cost a few dollars to make.


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Source: Game Rant, Reddit