Corte de Marquinhos is related to the course of Brazil x Argentina in FIFA – 07/09/2021

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced today (7) the cut of defender Marquinhos from the national team. The organization’s statement says that “guarantees were not obtained from the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for their squad” next Thursday, at 9:30 pm, against Peru, in the tenth round of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers.

Marquinhos was shown a yellow card in the match against Chile, on the 2nd, and the accumulation generated an automatic suspension of a match. This hook would be fulfilled in the next round, Sunday (5), against Argentina. The problem is that the derby was interrupted and then suspended due to the controversy of the Argentine players who violated the country’s health rules, which led to the doubt as to whether the defender complied with his punishment or not.

According to the UOL Sport, CBF’s legal department made contact with FIFA representatives on Sunday night and received as a response yesterday (6) only the forwarding of an excerpt of the entity’s disciplinary regulation, article 62, item 5, of the “special procedures” section.

“If a match is abandoned or canceled (…) the suspension is only considered fulfilled if the team of the suspended player is not responsible for the circumstances that generated the abandonment or cancellation (…)”.

In other words, to define whether Marquinhos complied with the automatic suspension or not depends on what FIFA decides on the suspension of the game. No complementary words were said by the entity’s representative. The disciplinary procedure was opened yesterday (6).

Marquinhos - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Marquinhos during training in São Paulo; he was cut from the delegation this morning (7)

Image: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Thus, if Brazil were found responsible for the interruption of the game, it would lose the disputed points in the match and would pay a fine. If he decided to allow Marquinhos entry against Peru he could still be penalized for casting an irregular player in the next match. The recall is therefore framed as a precaution.

This does not mean, however, that Brazil is pessimistic in the FIFA judgment. The country still has five days to submit its formal defense. The CBF’s strategy will be to gather as many documents as possible to point out that it was not responsible for the interruption of the game, including the emails through which it says it has informed opponents about the government’s health requirements.

“It was a decision made based on facts and with the agreement of the commission and everyone who has the power to do so. Marquinhos knows what to do, he’s just the captain of the PSG, he takes away any situation,” the full-back said today (7). -Danilo right. Marquinhos has already been released to return to France.