Cry of the Excluded calls for democracy and impeachment; in SP, Bolsonaro is called a ‘vaccine thief’

The city of São Paulo registered the Grito dos Excluídos on this 7th of September, a traditional event organized by social movements and trade union centrals. The act was held in Vale do Anhangabaú, in the central region of São Paulo.

This is a response to the Pocketnarista demonstration that took place on Avenida Paulista, at the same time, and was marked by anti-democratic agendas and threats by President Jair Bolsonaro to the Judiciary, in particular to the Federal Supreme Court.

During the preparations for the act of opposition, the coordinator of the Central de Movimentos Populares, Raimundo Bonfim, recalled that, for the first time in 27 years of existence, the struggle to maintain democracy is part of the Grito dos Excluídos.

“Historically, the Grito raises issues such as unemployment, hunger and social exclusion to the streets. This time, the question of defending democracy was imposed. Not going out on the streets would be cowardly. In the future, we will be remembered as part of the sectors that acted to prevent a coup”, he said.

Before the act, CUT distributed food such as rice, beans, vegetables, salads and fruits, from family farming.

Among the protest’s agenda were the acceleration of vaccination and the impeachment of Bolsonaro.

“We are heirs of a generation that gave their lives for democracy. From a generation that was tortured, persecuted, censored and murdered. And we are not going to surrender our freedom to them. Let’s not give up on our fight and on our dreams. Let’s go all the way,” said the leader of the Homeless Workers Movement, Guilherme Boulos, one of those responsible for speaking at the demonstration. He also referred to Bolsonaro as a “vaccine thief”.

Former mayor Fernando Haddad (PT) also spoke. He claimed that Bolsonaro “managed to divide Brazilians on their independence day.”

Haddad declared that the defenders of democracy were there, while those who occupied Avenida Paulista defended the dictatorship and fascism. “After three years of destruction of jobs, life and hope, what are these people doing in Paulista? Why aren’t you here with us?”, he asked.

Haddad accused Bolsonaro of “defending the daughters” and stated that the day for the president to respond in court “is coming”.

According to the Military Police, the act in downtown São Paulo brought together 15 thousand people.

Organizers planned demonstrations against the government this September 7 in at least 191 Brazilian cities and 7 other countries.

In Brasília, opponents gathered in the morning at the TV Tower, in the central region. They defended the impeachment of Bolsonaro and respect for the Democratic Rule of Law.

In Rio, protesters spoke at sound cars parked on Avenida Presidente Vargas, in the central region of the capital. Social and political movements took turns at the microphone and demanded accelerated vaccination and respect for democracy, in addition to criticizing the advance of inflation.

Amid shouts of “outside, Bolsonaro”, Professor Tulio, councilor for the PSOL, complained about the price of food. “The chicken breast is 20 reais. This is the policy of Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. We want food on the table, vaccine in the arm, education. We don’t want this liberal policy”, he protested.

Tatinny Araújo, from the Feminist Resistance movement, declared that “no democratic freedom will fall”.

“Bolsonarists moved by money put brand new trucks on the Esplanade of Ministries to make fake news. But let’s resist. September 7th is our day, for the people. With masks, let’s stand up and shout the word ‘democracy,’” she said.

Protesters also took pictures beside a Bolsonaro doll who wore a banner with the word “genocide” on his chest.

See, below, photos and videos of the demonstrations against Bolsonaro in Brazil and abroad:

Anti-Bolsonaro act in São Paulo (SP). Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks/MTST


(With information from the State Agency)

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