Cubo Itaú companies have more than 1,500 job openings; know more

The companies in the Itaú cube have more than 1,500 job openings in the technology area. The entities – Itaú, Everis and CI&T – are part of the hub for fostering technological entrepreneurship. Check out the details of each opportunity below:

Vacancies at Itaú
The bank has 448 job advertisements listed on its page at 99 jobs. Among the benefits are transportation vouchers, meal vouchers, life insurance, private pension, among others. More details you can find on this link.

vacancies at everis
The business consulting and IT company has seen an increase in demand for its services since last year. At the moment, the company has 800 vacancies open for different levels and specialties. The opportunities are for offices and “service hubs”, which concentrate employees from nearby cities. Check out the vacancies in company website.

The Brazilian multinational has 250 vacancies open with home office. In other words, professionals from all over the country can apply. In the first half of 2021, the company hired 453 people. Some of the prominent positions are for Software Architect, Full Data Engineer and Product Designer. Check out the benefits and other opportunities on this link.

Vacancies at Cubo Itaú startups

On the innovation hub website, startups announce over 300 vacancies. SupermercadoNow, for example, has 93 vacancies. Most are for the Shopper position, who purchases and delivers orders. Quero Educação has 51 open positions, with positions for commercial support assistant, account analyst, data analyst, human resources internship, Customer Success leader, among others. And ClickSign has 17 positions, with opportunities for front-end developer, copywriter, data engineer and others. Interested parties should seek more information at company website.