Danilo regrets suspension of the national team game and defends ‘justice’ at FIFA – 07/09/2021

In Brazil x Argentina, which lasted five minutes, the team’s players found themselves in an “unusual” situation and tried to relax when they saw that they had no control over the situation, explained today (7) right-back Danilo. Despite the initiative to abstract all the tension that surrounded Sunday’s derby at Neo Química Arena, the player admits his frustration at seeing the preparation for the game wasted.

In the end, what would be one of the most anticipated matches of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers turned into a training session for guests in Itaquera.

“It was a really unusual situation, totally unusual for us athletes, for those who were watching. We tried to pass it in the most relaxed way, since we saw that we wouldn’t have control over what was going to happen. The preparation is usually special for a game against Argentina. We were very willing, very focused. It hurt for that day there. We had everything prepared. We have to pass the page and think about the preparation for the game against Peru,” said Danilo.

While defending the focus on the immediate challenge, which is the Peruvian team, on Thursday (9), the right-back understands that the resolution out of the field, with regard to the outcome of the case in the FIFA Disciplinary Committee , should not ignore the context of everything that happened behind the scenes.

The entire CBF legal department, together with FIFA, and all the responsible bodies have the indications, the evidence so that the best decision can be taken. You have to comply with the rule, the law, everything written on paper has to be followed. Watching the evidence, evidence, doing justice.”

Danilo’s thought even comes in the wake of all the public information involving Brazilian authorities and the health requirement to enter Brazil. Argentina left the field after agents from Anvisa and the Federal Police went to the field to look for four Argentine players who came from England less than 14 days ago and, therefore, should have been quarantined: goalkeeper Martínez, defender Romero, the defensive midfielder Lo Celso and attacking midfielder Buendía — the first three started on Sunday.

“Everything we had access to was what everyone had. Everyone knows they play in England, the prohibitions and rules that exist. It’s no secret. It was in the press. From then on, the action of all bodies responsible, we didn’t have access, we weren’t worried and it didn’t interfere in our work. We didn’t have the feeling that the game wouldn’t happen. We always had the conviction that the match would happen and we needed to be focused,” explained Danilo, giving more details about the alternative:

Danilo - Playback/CBF TV - Playback/CBF TV

Danilo during today’s (7) press conference of the Brazilian team, in Guarulhos

Image: Playback / CBF TV

“It became a training session, we relaxed, played. Really, everything around us had an emotional charge, with decisions that were not our players’ responsibility. Now, it’s over, full focus on what lies ahead.”

Danilo was among the holders of the Brazilian team against Argentina and the prospect is that he will remain among Tite’s starting 11 against Peru. Without having played on Sunday, Brazil is still leading the qualifiers, with 21 points. The game against the Peruvians will be in Pernambuco, at 9:30 pm, on Thursday.

Read Danilo’s other responses:

Game against Peru

“We faced Peru many times. Despite having won, they were difficult games. There is a tactical puzzle. It is a tough team, very organized. We are used to having the ball and at times they make it difficult, with good foot, movement and short passes in the middle that is not easy to put pressure on. It’s a selection that causes us a lot of difficulty.”

Danilo - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Danilo is the holder of Daniel Alves on the right side of the Brazilian team currently

Image: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Where selection can improve

“It’s nice to talk about football. We’ve been talking a lot about off-field. It can’t be an alibi, but it’s difficult for any team to go without 11 players, most of them starting, and get results. This has to be valued. I’m aware that the team has amazing players and at times we can’t maintain the level of performance for a long time. This does not depend much on the work of the coaching staff, it depends much more on us as players to have a concentration during the 90 minutes more than we are having , it’s our role, it’s important that we have this responsibility. This will give us more balance, it will make us win matches and give the opponent fewer opportunities. What we have to improve is to maintain the level of performance during the match.”

Performance Criticism

“For any athlete, it’s much nicer when you have the support of all the people who support it. But in football there is no unanimity, nor are the greatest players in history unanimous. I personally have to understand the importance of the shirt I wear, the demand , her influence on football. Honestly I try to do my job, I’m very critical of myself and I try to evolve. It’s not every game, it’s every training session. I evaluate myself and I try to improve because I know the size of this shirt in world football and that mine role being done better will help the team. Criticism is natural. I work so that it doesn’t happen, to keep it to a minimum, but my work will be done with a lot or little criticism.”