Di María is suspended for three games, misses PSG’s Champions League debut and doesn’t face City | Champions League

Paris Saint-Germain will be missing out on their Champions League debut 2021/22, next week, against Club Brugge: Angel of Mary. The Argentinian player was punished by UEFA with a three-game suspension for a bid last season. With that, he will also be out of the first clash against Manchester City.

The reason for the hook was precisely an episode in second game of the Champions League semifinal against the English team. At 23 minutes into the final stage, Di María stepped on the steering wheel Fernandinho, without the ball, and ended up being sent off with a red card.

The case had been observed by Uefa in early June, but only came to light in the French press this Wednesday.

Therefore, the Argentine attacking midfielder will not face Brugge on September 15th, Manchester City on the 28th, and RB Leipzig on October 19th. Will only return to play in the Champions League on November 3, against the German team.

Paris Saint-Germain also won’t have it in the Champions League debut, on Wednesday of next week, the steering wheel Ghana Gueye. He was sent off in the first semi-final match against City and punished with two games of suspension. Already fulfilled the first in the last edition.

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Di María will have to serve three games of suspension per bid with Fernandinho — Photo: Getty Images