Distressing video shows police attempt to rescue couple and baby from underground during flood in New York; watch

The state of New York continues to face moments of terror due to tropical storms and floods caused by Hurricane Ida, which over the past few days has left traces of tragedy across the east coast of the United States. Considered one of the biggest extreme weather events that occurred in the North American territory in the last decades, the storm unfortunately caused a series of deaths.

A video released on networks by the New York Police Department (NYPD), on Sunday (5), shows authorities in an attempt to rescue a family who was trapped in the apartment where they lived, in the basement of a building in Queens, on account of a flood. There lived Ang Gelu Lama, 50, Mingma Sherpa, 48, and their son, Lobsang Lama, just 2 years old. The incident happened last Wednesday (1st).

(Photo: Reproduction/Facebook)

In the harrowing images, one of the officers can be seen in a narrow corridor, with water up to their shoulders, trying to locate the trio of immigrants from Nepal. Children’s toys, such as a teddy bear, and other objects can also be seen floating along the way. The police, however, did not have the necessary equipment to successfully complete the rescue.

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“An unconfirmed report of people in a flooded basement led police to a house in Woodside. Without special equipment, they made great efforts. Locked doors, rising water levels and active electricity forced police to call the fire department. Unfortunately, when specialized units arrived, they found three people drowned”, reported the NYPD, via Twitter.

In a note sent to The NY Post, the institution said that authorities arrived at the site around 10 pm and found water 60 centimeters above street level, with the basement of the building already “completely submerged”: “Officials immediately requested a response from the NY dive teams and the NY Fire Department to help with the rescue. Upon arrival, the dive team determined that the basement was not safe for entry due to the high levels of water and electricity still running throughout the residence.”

According to NYPD spokesman Sgt Brendan Ryan, the water level receded to the streets only at 2 am. “It was determined that the best course of action would be to wait for the water levels to return to street level and then use a pump to remove excess water from the basement. Once about five feet of water had been removed from the hold, rescue divers entered and retrieved three individuals who were pronounced dead on the spot.”, ended it.

So far, floods in New York have claimed 13 casualties. 11 of them accidentally drowned in underground apartments, according to the city’s coroner.