Dog is hanging on the elevator door after the owner forgets him outside

a dog stayed hanging in the air by the guide after a woman entered an elevator in Moscow building (Russia) and the door closed with the animal still outside. The incident took place last weekend.

the dog was plucked from the floor by the guide attached to the neck and hanging from the top of the elevator door.

Security camera footage captures the moment when the woman seems to forget about the animal. She pressed the 16th floor button and her pet was left behind.

The animal, believed to be a shih tzu, was saved thanks to another person who came to his rescue. The man managed to release the dog and held the petrified animal that appeared to be shivering.

Man rescue dog trapped in elevator door
Man rescues dog trapped in elevator door Photo: Playback/YouTube

Shortly thereafter, the woman returned downstairs in search of her pet.

After the video was shared on social networks, where it went viral, the owner of the animal was widely criticized for not taking better care of the dog. watch:

“Why not check if the dog is still with you?” , questioned one person, according to “Mirror”.

Another said: “Poor dog, imagine how terrifying it must have been.”

“She doesn’t deserve the dog after what happened”, commented a third.