Duda Reis displays good form when posing in a leopard bikini

Duda Reis updated their social networks last Sunday (5) and delighted fans by sharing a photo full of beauty. In the record, the influencer appears all full wearing a bikini with a leopard print in sunny day.

In the comments, Duda Reis was surrounded by many compliments and affectionate messages from your fans, friends and admirers. “Beautiful”, “I loved the leopard bikini”, “No conditions for this beauty”, “Most perfect girl”, “Queen of beauty”, were some of the reactions.

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Duda Reis (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Duda Reis and Bruno Rudge’s end of courtship

Duda Reis recently announced the end of her relationship with businessman Bruno Rudge. In a statement sent to Quem, the influencer said that the termination was amicable.

“Duda Reis and Bruno Rudge decided, by mutual agreement, to end the love relationship. However, the great and unique relationship between them and their respective families remains.”said the note.

Nonetheless, apparently Duda Reis has suffered with the breakup. On her Twitter, last Monday (6), the famous posted an outburst talking about love. “Nobody dies of love, but we leave a bit broken, right”, she wrote.

Then the actress said she was just kidding. “Zoeira, it was just a charm. My birth chart prevents me from many things”, he added.

Post by Duda Reis (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter)

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