Eight Brazilians are blocked by FIFA to compete in the Premier League this weekend

Premier League clubs that did not release Brazilian players to compete in the World Cup qualifiers were blocked by FIFA, after a request from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). Now, they will have to spend five days without casting Brazilian athletes, in the period between September 10 and 14; otherwise, they will be punished. The information was confirmed by the report of the TNT Sports.

Among those affected by the measure is Liverpool, which will have to be without Fabinho, Alisson and Firmino in the match this Sunday (12) against Leeds United, which will not be able to count on Raphinha. At Manchester City, Gabriel Jesus and Ederson should be embezzled against Leicester, this Saturday (11).

Some Brazilians will even lack their respective teams not only in the Premier League, but also in the Champions. This is the case of Fred, Manchester United, and Thiago Silva, Chelsea. Both have games this Saturday for the national competition and the 14th for the European competition. Fred will be out of the match against NewCastle and Young Boys, while Thiago Silva will be embezzled against Aston Villa and Zenit.

The only English club that came out unscathed in this situation was Everton, at the request of the CBF, due to the participation of Richarlison in the Olympics. In that episode, the club authorized, at the last minute, that the athlete would play in the Games to replace Pedro, who was not released by Flamengo.

If English clubs fail to comply with the blockade, the disciplinary punishment provided for in the FIFA regulations is an automatic 3-0 defeat. both disrespect the determination.

The clubs are against the release of players because Brazil is on the “red list” of the United Kingdom, that is, it is considered a place with high transmission of the coronavirus. For this reason, athletes must complete a ten-day quarantine upon returning to the Land of the Queen. While this period of isolation is required, the English teams will remain without authorizing the Brazilians to go to the qualifiers.