Elderly person attacked by hyena while walking by road in India

An hyena attacked an elderly man who was walking along a narrow road with his dog., on the outskirts of Pune (India), last Sunday (5/9). The animal had already attacked, shortly before, a motorcyclist.

As soon as the hyena attacked, another passerby ran to help the victim. He hit the animal with a stick. The little dog ran to save himself.

man attacks hyena with stick
Man attacks hyena with stick Photo: Reproduction

THE hyena was found dead about 45 kilometers from the site of the attack, told the “Hindustan Times”. The elderly man was hospitalized with injuries caused by animal bites. The bike’s occupant was also injured, but lightly. Watch below how it was:

the hyena was already injured when it attacked the humans, revealed an environmental authority in the region. Experts believe that an infection has altered the animal’s behavior.

Hyena onslaughts against humans are not common. This type of ambush is more common with tigers.

Predators at the top of the food chain, hyenas are essential to control prey populations and prevent the spread of diseases, especially by ingesting to the last bit two animals slaughtered, often by specimens of other species. But the belief that hyenas are just opportunists is a myth. They are excellent hunters and are more likely to have their prey taken down by lions than the other way around, as research on environmental reserves in Africa shows. Spotted hyenas are capable of hunting buffalo and baby elephants, acting alone or in packs.