Erasmo Carlos celebrates Covid’s cure and says: ‘When I have my third vaccination, I will go. Long live common sense’ | Rio de Janeiro

Erasmo Carlos, 80 years old, posted a video this Tuesday (7) to thank the medical team that took care of him during his hospitalization for Covid and everyone who sent messages cheering for his cure.

The singer posted the message on his Instagram profile the day after he was discharged. He said that the woman, the educator Fernanda Passos, also contaminated, is already cured and he praised once again the fact that she was vaccinated.

Finally, he announced that he is ready to take the third dose when it becomes available.

“Guys, I beat Covid! It wasn’t easy, no, it was difficult. I couldn’t do it alone. I did it with the help of my doctors, I did it with the help of my family members. My friends, my colleagues. With the help of My dear Fernanda, who contracted Covid with me and we’re together, healed From the thousands of prayers I’ve received Positive thoughts, kind words that I can’t even explain I’m very happy, from the bottom of my heart Thank you very much everyone I think It is very important that I have been vaccinated twice, and when I have the third vaccination, I will go. Because, look… head, brother!

Erasmo Carlos: singer tested positive for Covid — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

Discharge after eight days of hospitalization

Erasmo Carlos was discharged from the Hospital Barra D’Or, in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone, on Monday (6). He was hospitalized on Aug. 29 on medical advice because of his age and comorbidities.

“Erasmo was discharged today and is already at home. He has been through another one,” said Leonardo Esteves, the singer’s son, to G1.

Medical discharge was expected, since, throughout his hospital stay, he had a good evolution of the condition. In addition, the date matched the end of the disease cycle, which was communicated by the singer to his fans on August 26, but began to give its first signs a few days before.

Fernanda and Erasmo: vaccine was essential for Covid’s mild condition — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

Erasmo Carlos took the two doses of vaccine against Covid, the second dose being in May of this year, and he is one of the great enthusiasts of vaccination. He has been demanding authorities on his social networks to send more doses to Rio de Janeiro, where he lives, as stocks have suffered from shortages.

No vaccine offers 100% protection against disease, but all reduce the risk of infection, hospitalization and death, especially after the second dose.

It’s important to remember that vaccines work, but they’re not foolproof. Still, although the likelihood of infection after the vaccine is small, the more the disease is circulating, the greater the risk that the immunizer will fail. Hence the need to vaccinate as many people as possible as soon as possible.