Ex-CQC cursed by Bolsonaro, becomes “minion” and invades demonstration; look!

Guga Noblat se infiltrou em manifestação pró-Bolsonaro (Imagem: Reprodução – Twitter – SBT / Montagem – RD1)

Former member of the extinct CQC, gives Band, Noblat Guga decided to infiltrate a demonstration in favor of the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party). On a social network, the journalist said that he “dressed himself as a minion” in order to cover the events of September 7th that took place this Tuesday (7).

On his Twitter, the hired radio station Jovem Pan shared on his Twitter videos of the acts in Brasília from an early age and explained the “tactic”. In one photo, he showed that he was wearing a mask that reads “Bolsonaro 2022”.

Guga Noblat also appeared wearing the Brazilian team’s green and yellow jersey, adopted by defenders of the current president of the Republic. “For those who asked, the images are mine, I dressed up as a minion and went to work there without running the risk of being skinned alive”, he said.

“Beauty, not carrying a knife, English punch, gasoline cocktail with wick, not breaking anything, there will be no problem”, needled José Medeiros, federal deputy of Mato Grosso.

Ricardo Noblat’s son reacted: “See, we have something in common, we both dress up as minions so we can work.” He referred to Medeiros’ profile photo, in which he also appeared wearing a CBF T-shirt.

The former CQC also published the video of a helicopter in the middle of several Bolsonaro supporters in celebration. “Bolsonaro arrived on the Esplanade in a white helicopter screaming ‘myth’. I remembered Xou da Xuxa’s ship”, mocked.

It is worth remembering that Bolsonaro has already exchanged barbs with the famous one. On March 5, 2019, Guga Noblat criticized the president for threatening the press. “Bolsonaro has a habit of threatening newspapers and artists critical of his government by promising to take money. In other words, if they spoke well would they be receiving without problems? That is what is implied. And that’s exactly how the musty old politics behaves“, wrote the journalist at the time.

The Chief Executive replied: “Wrong, moldy brain.” “I was called a moldy brain by Jair Bolsonaro. It must be because I didn’t fall for the fake news about the dick’s bottle or the gay kit that his campaign created. Talque?”, replied the famous.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

Luiz Fábio Almeida is a journalist, multimedia producer and passionate about what happens on television. He is an editor and columnist for RD1. It is on social networks at @luizfabio_ca and can also be via email [email protected]