Fátima Bernardes displays good form during a waterfall bath

Fatima Bernardes enjoyed the holiday of this 7th of September in style! Through Instagram Stories, the presenter shared beautiful records in which she appears enjoying a bath in the waterfall, wearing a black bathing suit and wasting her powerful curves.

“Recharging energy before returning home”, she wrote. “Pretending the water isn’t cold”, commented in another publication in which he posed next to a friend. Check out the publications:

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Fátima Bernardes (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Fátima Bernardes and friend (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

In other publications, Fátima Bernardes appears beside her boyfriend, Túlio Gadelha. The two completed three years and ten months together last week and the presenter of ‘Encounter’ made a point of celebrating the moment with her beloved.

“We’ve always liked being in nature, but in this pandemic it’s where we feel happier and more secure.”, commented in a post. “Time to go back trying to get the energy out of here. May you also be able to stock up on what is good for you, alongside those who are good for you.”, added in another photo.