Fátima Bernardes talks about her relationship with Túlio Gadêlha and the ‘silly face’ she gets when she’s with him | Meeting with Fatima Bernardes

The question box is a fad on social media. Famous people are asked questions of all kinds from followers. And, at the Meeting, Fátima Bernardes was surprised with the painting Fatima Truths, in which he answered the curiosity of the virtual audience.

Fátima Bernardes answered the questions of the virtual audience of the ‘Encontro’ — Photo: TV Globo

The presenter’s relationship with Tullius Gadelha, with whom he has been for about four years, was approached, and Fátima did not hesitate.

Fátima Bernardes and Túlio Gadelha enjoying vacations in Jalapão — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“I think our meeting is for souls, yes, a meeting of other lives. I’ve been told that I look like a ‘dummy face’. I had to get used to this ‘naughty face’, which in the Northeast means something cool, because in Rio, ‘the face of a beast’ is a very bad thing”, revealed Fátima.

The audience member, born in Pernambuco, tried to clarify what the ‘fool face’ is:

“Your relationship with Túlio is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. We see that you look like a fool when you’re with him, you’re in love, you seem to float, very happy. The happiness you don’t feel. describes. When you are here in Recife, you are two teenagers playing in the street. It is very beautiful to see.”

And Fátima added that she is grateful to know that her relationship with Túlio inspires and infects other people.

“At this moment of so much bad, of so much incomprehension with each other, the fact of being with someone and we love each other, infect and contaminate you, that makes me very happy.”

Fátima Bernardes did not hesitate with the questions from the virtual audience of the ‘Encontro’ — Photo: TV Globo

Fatima chef and her daily care

The interview continued with questions about Fátima Bernardes in the kitchen – “I manage well. I cook cod, grilled chicken, a little farofinha, beans and rice.” – if you’ve ever paid annoyances on TV, if you’ve lost patience with telemarketing attendants and what are your daily cares:

“I’ve always exercised, I’ve always had little sun, I’ve always slept well, I’ve always taken off my makeup before bed, and I’ve always eaten properly. It’s a cumulative process,” she said.

Fátima, who resumed command of the Meeting after two days off, posted photos on social networks with her boyfriend during the Independence holiday.

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