FC Cascavel x Athletico: after a draw in the first leg, Hurricane changes plans and travels with the holders | athletico-pr

Athletico changed plans after the draw in the first leg and traveled with the holders to the duel with FC Cascavel, for the return match of the semifinal of the Paraná Championship. Coach António Oliveira should choose a mixed team for this Wednesday’s game, at 15:20, at Olímpico Regional. ge follows everything in real time.

Athletico decided to save the holders at home and only tied for 1 to 1. The idea was to preserve the holders with an eye on Brasileirão and climb the reserves in the interior. The commission, however, changed its mind and called for its best (with the exception of left-back Abner).

The goal is to stay alive in search of the fourth state championship, a feat that would be unprecedented in the club’s 97-year history.

The team may have Anderson; Marcinho, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno (Zé Ivaldo) and Márcio Azevedo; Richard, Erick (Juninho) and Jadson; Nikão, Jader (Carlos Eduardo) and Renato Kayzer.

The list of embezzlement includes goalkeeper Santos (Brazilian team), midfielder David Terans (Uruguayan team), defender Lucas Halter (foot injury), midfielder Kawan (knee injury) and forward Matheus Babi (knee injury) , as well as defenders Lucas Fasson and Nicolás Hernández and forwards Bissoli and Pedro Rocha (not registered).

The game in Cascavel, about 500km from Curitiba, begins a series of trips. Afterwards, the club also faces América-MG, Santos and Peñarol abroad. The only game as home team in this period will be against Juventude, between the matches against Santos and Peñarol.

The Paraná Championship is still in progress because several cities prohibited the holding of games during the first semester. In addition, Athletico had few free dates, as the club – in addition to the state – plays Brasileirão, Copa do Brasil and Sudamericana.

The FC Cascavel x Athletico qualifier takes Londrina in the final – no dates are set yet. The away goal is NOT a tiebreaker. So, any tie on this Wednesday (0 to 0, 1 to 1, 2 to 2…) takes the dispute straight to penalties. Whoever wins, of course, advances.

  • Goalkeepers: Anderson, Bento and Léo Linck
  • Right-sides: Khellven and Marcinho
  • Defenders: Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Zé Ivaldo
  • Left Sides: Márcio Azevedo and Nicolas
  • Steering wheels: Christian, Erick, Juninho and Richard
  • Socks: Jader, Jadson, João Pedro and Nikão
  • Attackers: Carlos Eduardo, Jáderson and Julimar
  • Center forwards: Renato Kayzer and Vinícius Mingotti

Athletico de António Oliveira faces FC Cascavel in the semi of the Paraná Championship — Photo: Athletico

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