FC Cascavel x Athletico: TJD-PR denies request for postponement and keeps Paranaense’s semifinal game | Paraná championship

The Court of Sports Justice (TJD-PR) denied FC Cascavel’s request to postpone the semifinal match of the Paraná Championship, against Athletico, scheduled for 15:20 on Wednesday, at Olímpico Regional. FC Cascavel informed that it will appeal to the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) this Tuesday.

Serpente claims to have only 11 players able to play the game. Of the 28 registered for the state, some have already left the club, five are with Covid-19, two are suspended and one is injured, in addition to midfielder João Pedro, who cannot play due to a loan contract with Athletico. The Czech coach has also been diagnosed with the new coronavirus and will not be able to command the team.

  • Table of the Paranaense Championship of 2021

Before the TJD-PR, the Paraná Football Federation (FPF) had also denied a request made by FC Cascavel. In this case, the Aurinegra Serpent sent the initial letter on Friday, but out of office hours and was only received this Monday. The FPF, shortly after, claimed that the time is short (48 hours) and that the reasons given are not enough.

The interior team contacted the Athletico board to ask for support in the decision taken, which understood the scenario, but informed that there is no date in their calendar. Hurricane is in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil (14/09) and the semifinals of the Sudamericana (23 and 30/09).

Available players from FC Cascavel:

  • Ricardo
  • Willian
  • Giaretta
  • simões
  • Henrique
  • Charlie
  • sotto
  • Rogerio
  • Leo
  • Douglas
  • João Vittor

As Athletico is also playing Brasileirão, the duel with FC Cascavel had to be postponed until there was a break in the red-black calendar. This was due to the postponement of the match from the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

The Paraná Championship was scheduled to end in May, that is, three months ago. However, during part of the first semester, several cities, such as Curitiba and Cascavel, did not allow the games to be held due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the first leg, last week, Athletico and FC Cascavel drew 1-1 at Arena da Baixada. Whoever advances will face Londrina in the decision of the 2021 Championship in Paraná.