Felipe Neto, Marcelo Adnet and cryptocurrency: Botafogo’s financial operation to hire Rafael

Rafael is the new player for Botafogo. After a week of negotiations, the talks ended in a happy ending for both sides: the Alvinegro he got a reinforcement with international experience for a low salary and the right-back will fulfill his dream of playing for the team he has supported since he was a child.

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But how did Alvinegro, in financial crisis, manage to make the hiring viable? First, it must be said that Rafael will receive a low salary for the curriculum he has. The right-back “facilitated” the values ​​presented precisely by the desire to defend Alvinegro.

The right-back’s salaries are within reality, but the value of the gloves was the main obstacle to the negotiation. Initially, the entrepreneurs asked for R$ 1 million of short-term value in the business. The club managed to lower the figures after a counterproposal, but even so, the numbers were above the Glorious’s reality.

For this, Alvinegro had the help of Felipe Neto and Marcelo Adnet, fans of the club. The youtuber and the actor, respectively, helped Botafogo to pay off the value of Rafael’s gloves – the duo had posted on social networks that they were available for this – and enabled the green light for hiring.

Another detail of the financial part involving the hiring of Rafael is that he will have a share in the amounts earned in the club’s commercial actions in the coming months. Part of the figures for all right-back related products that the club sells will go to the player.

The key to the deal was a mechanism not yet officially presented by the club, but put on the table by the board. Botafogo has a plan in place to enter the market of fan tokens and getting cryptocurrencies from the participation of fans.

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In one of the meetings to discuss the hiring of Rafael, Jorge Braga, the club’s CEO, showed that Botafogo is about to close a partnership to make the fan tokens and Rafael will also receive part of everything sold in this regard. In Brazil, Atlético-MG and Corinthians already perform this mechanism. The “Ge” published first.

Fan tokens are a cryptoactive mechanism fully linked to the club in question. The fan who purchases a token can have exclusive rewards – Botafogo has not yet released what it will make available to those who purchase it. Thus, the fans, indirectly, can help make the hiring of Rafael viable.

Financial responsibility was placed in every step that Botafogo took in the negotiation. The club, despite understanding that it was a practically unmissable market opportunity, promised that it would not go crazy to further compromise the coffers to count on Rafael.

With the help of fans and possible access to the cryptocurrency market, Alvinegro believes that Rafael’s financial operation was successful. Anyway, the right-back accepted the numbers presented by the club and is expected in Brazil later this week.