FIFA meets CBF’s request and vetoes the selection of Brazilians in England and Russia – 08/09/2021 – Sports

Five English clubs and Zenit (Russia) will not be able to cast their Brazilian players called by Tite in the last call-up for the Qualifiers.

The punishment is valid until next Tuesday (14) and takes place after the teams prevent the athletes from traveling to play for Brazil.

Alison, Fabinho, Firmino (all from Liverpool), Raphinha (Leeds United), Fred (Manchester United), Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Ederson, Gabriel Jesus (both Manchester City) Malcom and Claudinho (Zenit) are banned from acting in this weekend.

Fred, Thiago Silva, Malcom and Claudinho are also banned from the first round of the Champions League. Manchester United, Zenit and Chelsea play on Tuesday.

According to British daily The Times, the English teams will appeal the decision because they believe there is no legal basis. One of the allegations is that the measure impacts the sporting justice of the national league and the European tournament.

The restriction to Russian associations was revealed by Brazilian journalist Fabio Aleixo, who lives in Moscow.

CBF gave up making the same complaint with respect to Richarlison, also not released by Everton (ING). The Confederation has a good relationship with the English club, which allowed him to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, even without the obligation to do so.

The 11 athletes were called up by Tite for the triple round of the South American Qualifiers. Brazil defeated Chile, had the game against Argentina suspended by action of Anvisa (which did not allow the presence of Martínez, Lo Celso, Buendía and Romero on the field) and this Thursday (9) they face Peru.

The clubs did not release the athletes because of restrictions imposed on those traveling from South American countries to Europe, due to Covid-19. If they traveled to Brazil, when they returned to the UK or Russia, they would have to serve a two-week quarantine.

Brazilian officials were even more irritated by the fact that Argentina had four names in the Premier League. Precisely the quartet prevented by Anvisa from acting. Martínez and Buendía received authorization from Aston Villa. Lo Celso and Romero boarded without the Tottenham Hotspur.

Chile, Mexico and Paraguay also asked FIFA for a similar punishment to European teams that did not release their squad members.

The problem could be repeated in October, when there are three more rounds of the Qualifiers in South America. Brazil will visit Venezuela (7th) and Colombia (10) and host Uruguay (14).