Fluminense starts well, gets scared, but beats Chape away

It could have been easier, but Fluminense returned to winning the Brazilian Championship. The team had a good start to the match against Chapecoense, scored 2-0 quickly, but did not keep up the pace and ended up winning 2-1, at Arena Condá, for the 19th round of the Brazilian Championship. Bobadilla and Luiz Henrique scored the tricolor goals and Perotti cashed. With the result, the Laranjeiras team reached 25 points and rose to seventh place.

With a devastating start, Fluminense practically defined the match in less than 20 minutes. The team showed a strong posture and good movement, coming out ahead in the first chance created. Bobadilla took advantage of the hit-rebate and submitted with category. Shortly after, Luiz Henrique completed the head survey by Danilo Barcelos in a corner kick.

Flu didn’t stop and could have expanded in the first half. He continued with a good touch of the ball and advances from the inside. Martinelli and André did well, the wingers also gave them an option. In turn, Chape, technically very fragile, sporadically went on the attack. It got to scare on two occasions, but Marcos Felipe was needed in the interventions.

On the way back to the second half, albeit at a slower pace, Fluminense created situations to solve life once and for all. It was just too much wrong in making decisions up front. Luiz Henrique and Caio Paulista, in promising attacks practically followed, killed the plays by exaggerating in dribbling before seeking or submitting or leaving a partner in better conditions.

And as when it comes to Flo, things are not usually easy… Of course Chapecoense would give a fair scare. Since the Tricolor didn’t want to define the confrontation, they decided to complicate matters. From the left, Denner crossed for Perotti to cash. Thus, the game that was easy took on dramatic airs.

In the end, Fluminense had to hold back pressure from Chapecoense to secure the important three points. On Sunday, the Laranjeiras team returns to the field against São Paulo, at Maracanã.

Fluminense played with: Marcos Felipe, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Luccas Claro and Danilo Barcelos; André (Wellington, 37′ of Q2), Martinelli and Yago (Nonato, 37′ of Q2); Luiz Henrique (Nenê, 21′ of the 2ndT), Lucca (Caio Paulista, 27′ of the 1stT) and Bobadilla (Abel Hernández, 21′ of the 2ndT).