Gabriel Medina meets Jimmy Butler on the eve of the WSL Finals | surfing world

As he prepares for the World Surfing League decision, which opens its contest window this Thursday, Gabriel Medina had a meeting with friend and NBA star Jimmy Butler. The two-time world champion posted, on his social networks, photos with the Miami Heat player during the meeting in Los Angeles (USA).

+ Amazing aerial complete medina and pays homage to Butler

Medina and Jimmy Butler meet in the US before the WSL Finals — Photo: Instagram reprint

Medina wrote on Instagram: “Very good to see my friend”.

In April, during the Newcastle (AUS) leg of the World Surfing Championship, Gabriel paid tribute to the Heat player by completing an aerial, celebrating by imitating a basketball pitch. In an interview with the official broadcast of the event, the Brazilian said that that gesture was for Butler.

Medina walks with Jimmy Butler and his wife Yasmin Brunet in Los Angeles — Photo: Instagram reproduction

Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira, Filipe Toledo and Tatiana Weston-Webb are in the US for the WSL Finals. The competition opens its dispute window this Thursday, in Lower Trestles, and will bring together the 5 best surfers in the male and female rankings to dispute the world title of the 2021 season.