Gasoline, cooking gas and ethanol undergo new adjustments and worries consumers throughout Brazil

gasoline - cooking gas - ethanol - consumers Cooking gas, gasoline and ethanol continue to increase – credits: ColonaFest

After the announcement by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), released last Friday (3) that a liter of regular gasoline at the pump is costing an average of R$ 6.21, and ethanol is being sold for R$ 7.19 a liter in the southern region of the country, leaving a good deal for Brazilian consumers scared. The rise in gasoline and ethanol prices was about 0.41% compared to weeks ago. In addition to gasoline and ethanol, cooking gas also had a price increase.

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Gasoline, Ethanol and cooking gas at a ‘bargain price’

Gone are the days when using the expression ‘at a bargain price’ meant that something was cheap, but without a doubt, Brazilian consumers did not imagine that they would fuel their vehicles, paying basically the same amount per liter as they would buy from 8 to 12 bananas, which currently on the market, are costing between R$ 6.00 and R$ 8.00.

Diesel oil even registered a fall last week, but rose again this week, getting about 0.41% more expensive. Ethanol follows the 5th consecutive week of increase and is being sold on average at R$ 4,611 per liter.

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has been trying to disentangle the Federal Government’s responsibility in relation to high fuel prices, pointing out the responsibility to the States.

Federal Government outlines strategies to fight fuel rises

Last Friday (3), Jair Bolsonaro decided to file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court (STF) to force the governors to instruct a fixed nominal value for the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services, the ICMS, which reflects on the price of fuel in the country.

Expert José Antônio says that it is necessary for consumers to understand that the frequent increases in fuel has nothing to do with the variation in the ICMS rate, since it is fixed and has not received any change for many years.

Any price changes made to fuels and cooking gas are made by Petrobras, with authorization from the Federal Government. It is noted that, this year alone, gasoline had an increase of more than 50% at refineries and around 32% at pumps, as well as cooking gas, which is currently costing R$ 3.40 per kilogram, an adjustment of 5.9%.

Cooking gas for more than R$ 100.00

In the North-Northeast region, cooking gas has shown a vast price increase, reaching between R$ 90 and R$ 100 reais. In some cities in other regions of the country, consumers need to spend around R$ 113 reais to have a full gas canister at home. Many families from poorer classes or regions have resorted to charcoal and firewood to cook at home.