Glória Menezes and Tarcísio Filho touch web in photo: ‘Amor’

daughter-in-law of Gloria Menezes moved Internet users by posting a photo of moment of affection between the actress and the youngest, Tarcisio Son. Living in Rio since the weekend, the 86-year-old veteran appears hand in hand with the actor, Tarcísio Meira’s only heir, who has been dead for almost a month. “About the love of a son. I took this picture without them noticing. Forgive me, Tarcisinho and Glória. I like to look at her. She gives me endless peace and fills me with love”, began Mocita Fagundes.

In the post, Tarcisinho’s wife stated that she wanted to share the image to reinforce the actor’s relationship with his mother, who was hospitalized for about ten days with Covid-19. “I decided to publish. To share too – the dear moments. Everything we are experiencing is printed on it. Compassion, infinite love, comfort. I admire the way Tarcisinho treats Gloria. I think it’s sweet, kind, empathetic, polite, respectful and very loving! He knows how to listen and knows how to position himself,” he pointed out.

Tarcisinho’s wife praised her husband for his complicity with his mother

Mocita also recalled the moment of mourning faced by the family. “Today, he has a difficult role to play. The role of making his mother relearn how to live without the physical presence of his father. they were, and it sweetly reaffirms the hardness of finitude,” he wrote.

“She listens carefully. The exchange between the two is beautiful to behold. For the public, she is the great Gloria Menezes. For him, it is much more than that. She is the mother. And there is no love greater than that. I love you so much for being (also) a zealous son,” concluded Mocita, who has been updating the actress’s emotional state, in a photo compared to her only daughter due to the physical resemblance.

“Beautiful photo”, defined follower. “Lots of love in one photo, completed another. “What a loving look,” reinforced another one.

Tarcisio Meira had the ability to make spreadsheets, revealed his granddaughter

Days after the artist’s death, one of Tarcisio’s granddaughters went to the web and posted a photo of the veteran and told some of his skills. “I knew how to create Excel spreadsheets like no one else! It had a facility for decorating text! An admirable memory! He did the math in his head and knew a lot about everything! He spoke perfect English, and French too!“stated the businesswoman Maria Pugliese.

She also reinforced the actor’s knight side with Gloria. “Soap love does exist, yes! And how I witnessed this love. How they loved each other, and took care of each other! They didn’t come apart. Even to go from the TV room to the dining room, they went hand in hand! And when they arrived at the table, of course he would pull out the chair for her to sit!”, exemplified.