Government of SP fines mayor of Bauru for not wearing a mask in an act in Paulista | Bauru and Marilia

The Sanitary Surveillance of São Paulo fined this Tuesday (7) the mayor of Bauru (SP), Suéllen Rosim (Patriota), for not wearing a mask against Covid-19 during a demonstration held on Avenida Paulista, in the capital. The information was released by the press office of the state government.

The mayor posted photos on social networks and sang to the audience present at the demonstration in an electric trio. She stated to TV HAVE that will not manifest until officially notified.

Mayor of Bauru, Suéllen Rosim, is fined by the state government for not wearing a mask — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The agents of the State Sanitary Surveillance also fined the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and 12 other authorities and personalities, including deputies, secretaries, religious leaders, artists and businessmen.

The assessments in state legislation and Federal Law No. 14,019 of 2020, which mandate the use of masks, are subject to the penalties provided for in Law No. 6,437 of 1977, which provides for a fine of up to R$1.5 million for very serious sanitary infractions.

See the authorities who were fined during the demonstrations:

  • André Porciuncula – Undersecretary of Promotion and Incentive to Culture;
  • Carla Zambelli – Federal Deputy (SP)
  • Danilo Balas – State Deputy (SP)
  • General Girão Monteiro – Federal Deputy (RN)
  • Luciano Hang – Entrepreneur
  • Marcio Labre – Federal Deputy (RJ)
  • Marco Feliciano – Federal Deputy (SP)
  • Magnus Malta
  • Mário Frias – Special Secretary of Culture
  • grandson – singer
  • Silas Malafaia
  • Suellen Rossin – Mayor of Bauru (SP)
  • Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas – Minister of Infrastructure

The notice of infraction will be sent to everyone via the post office and describes the rules provided for in the legislation.

History of assessments to Bolsonaro

The first offense took place on June 12, at a demonstration in the capital. The appeal presented to the notice was dismissed, resulting in a fine, whose appeal is under analysis. On June 25, Bolsonaro committed his first recidivism and was booked at an event in Sorocaba. The appeal was also dismissed, with the imposition of a fine, which is also under analysis.

On these two occasions, sanctions were applied for failure to comply with the law that determines the use of masks in public places to prevent Covid-19, in breach of state law. There has already been a request for appeal and rejection for the first two, which resulted in fines of R$ 552.71 each.

The third recidivism occurred on July 31, in Presidente Prudente. In this case, you can be fined up to R$ 290.9 thousand for the encouragement and involvement in actions that pose a risk to public health according to the state Sanitary Code (law 10,083 of 1998). In this case, the term for appealing the notice of infraction is in effect.

The other three assessments occurred during the president’s visit to three cities in the Vale do Ribeira. The position in these cases violated Federal Law No. 14,019 of 2020, which requires the use of masks, and subject it to the penalties provided for in Law No. 6,437 of 1977, which provides for fines that can reach R$4.5 million. All are in the appeal stage.

Once the resources for the fines have been exhausted, the president must pay the respective amounts or he may have his name included in the active debt of the State and in Serasa.