Grêmio threatens not to take the field against Flamengo with the presence of fans at Maracanã | Guild

Grêmio threatens not to take the field in the match against Flamengo, for the return game of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, if the presence of the public at Maracanã is allowed. The match is scheduled for next Wednesday, the 15th, at 9:30 pm.

The club claims lack of equality and cites the protocol established by the CBF for the return of the public to the stadiums. According to the document, the presence of fans in knockout matches would only be allowed if the two clubs can have permission to do so. As there were no fans in the first leg, in Porto Alegre, Grêmio understands that the same conditions must be maintained in the return game.

In contact by phone with the report of the ge, Grêmio’s legal director, Nestor Hein, stated that he was consulted on the matter by President Romildo Bolzan Jr. The issue is yet to be debated at the Board of Directors between Bolzan and his peers.

— The legal department was consulted on the subject. We answer to the president that, according to the competition rules, if in the first game there is no public, in the second one it cannot be. Even though the city has released it. If there is any attempt to have an audience, Grêmio will not take the field. The president accepted this suggestion and will take the appropriate measures – said the leader.

Flamengo obtained clearance to host games with the public at Maracanã — Photo: Alexandre Vidal / CRF

On Tuesday, the city of Rio de Janeiro accepted Flamengo’s request and released the presence of the public in the team’s next three games, starting from the duel against Grêmio for the Copa do Brasil. These will be test events, with 35% to 50% of the stadium’s capacity. The second game is also against Grêmio, on the 19th, for the Brazilian Championship.

This Wednesday, 19 of the 20 clubs that play in the Serie A of Brasileirão – except Flamengo – participated in a meeting with the CBF and decided that the Serie A games will continue without the presence of the public until at least September 28th.

The 19 clubs also decided to join an action in the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) to try to overturn the injunction granted by the court to Flamengo, which allows the presence of the public in the team’s games.

The Rio de Janeiro club refused the invitation to participate in the CBF meeting and released an official note, in which it states that “it is not up to the clubs or the CBF” to deliberate on the presence of the public at the stadiums.

Grêmio’s position is based on an excerpt of the protocol prepared by the Special Medical Commission and by the CBF’s Directorate of Competitions for the return of the public to the stadiums, released on August 16th. See what the text says:

“In round-trip matches (kills), if one of the clubs involved does not have authorization by the local health agency to receive the public at the stadium, both matches will not have public. Example: Club A from UF 1 has permission by the authority local sanitary to receive a maximum public of 20% of the stadium, while Club B of UF 2 does not have permission by the local sanitary authority to receive public (0% of the stadium). Club A or Club B will be able to receive audiences in their respective stadiums.”

Grêmio lost the 1-0 match at Arena, on August 25th. To qualify for the semifinals, they need a victory by five goals difference at Maracanã. Victory by four goals leads the decision to penalty kicks.