Gretchen to appeal to Joe Biden to reverse canceled US visa

Gretchen had her visa to the United States permanently canceled almost ten years ago, when news came out that she was working illegally in a cafeteria in the country. Since then, she has tried to reverse the situation, without success. Now, with the entry of Joe Biden, the celebrity intends to make a request to be able to return to visiting North American cities.

“I still have that restriction with the United States and it’s something I’d like to review. Now that the president there has changed and it’s Joe Biden, I want to try to reverse this situation. At the time that news came out that I was working illegally in a cafeteria there, they canceled my visa permanently,” she said in an interview with “Who”.

She guarantees that she has no intention of living in the United States, and said that she can gather evidence about it to appeal to the US president. “Now I’m trying to make a letter of forgiveness with this new president, proving my singing career, as an artist. Even because I didn’t do anything wrong and I know of cases of people who did even hard things and manage to get back there.”

“I don’t know why my case turned out to be that. I hope I can go back and tour there and play shows. I have no intention of living there anymore. Even because I’m a European citizen,” Gretchen said next — the artist has residency in Portugal, in addition to the houses he maintains in Brazil.

Finally, Gretchen joked that she will try to use her influence on social media to influence Biden. “We’re going to run a campaign so I can do it. Maybe they don’t go up the hashtag #JoeBidenLiberaGretchen on Twitter. It’s been about 10 years since that happened. But I hope one day I’ll be able to circulate there again, as I circle honestly everywhere in the world.”