Guga Noblat, ex-CQC, disguises himself to cover acts

Former member of the now-defunct comedian “CQC” and a journalist for Jovem Pan, Guga Noblat said that he ‘dressed himself up as a minion’ in order to cover the events of September 7 taking place today in the country’s capitals, in defense of anti-democratic agendas.

Compartilhando em seu twitter vídeos dos atos em Brasília desde cedo, Guga explicou a “tática”, com uma foto onde é possível ver o jornalista usando uma máscara onde se lê “Bolsonaro 2022”.

Guga is also wearing the Brazilian team’s green and yellow jersey, adopted by supporters of Jair Bolsonaro’s (non-party) government.

For those who asked, the images are mine, I dressed up as a minion and went there to work without running the risk of being skinned alive.” Noblat Guga

In previous publications, Guga detailed the situation in the country’s capital.

“There are half a dozen crazy con artists plotting to use trucks to invade the forbidden area on the Esplanade. They even moved the trucks but ended up giving up.”

On social networks, celebrities have been demonstrating for and against the acts of today.