‘He has 150 goals, but he doesn’t know how to play football’

Former striker Antonio Cassano, known for his team spells as Inter Milan, Pomegranate and Milan, Besides Real Madrid in the age of the “galactics”, detonated the center forward Ciro Immobile, great highlight of lazio and currently holder of the selection of Italy.

In participation in the “Bobo TV“, also former striker Christian Vieri’s channel on Twitch, Cassano released snakes and lizards when commenting on the recent tie for 0 to 0 of Azzurra with Switzerland, for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, in which Immobile went blank.

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“Italy play wonderful football these days, but we miss a real No9,” fired the former galactic, who for many years also wore the national team shirt.

“It’s crazy that we haven’t managed to score a single goal in Switzerland. With all due respect, I don’t know if we can present ourselves like that at the next World Cup,” he continued.

“Immobile scored 150 goals with Lazio, but I keep saying he doesn’t know how to play football,” he said.

Then, Cassano explained better the reasons for not liking the performances of the center forward of Azzurra.

“He plays scared. He’s really scared of being on the field, and that shows. When you touch the ball to him, he doesn’t want to. And I know it well (see the reaction), because I’m a former player,” he said.

“Italy had to steal Lewandowski from Poland and give it to (coach Roberto) Mancini. Who could beat us like that?”, he asked.

With the Italian team, Immobile has 15 goals in 54 matches, which gives an average of just 0.27 goals/game.

With Lazio, however, their numbers are much better: 154 goals in 221 duels, a great average of 0.69 goals/game.

In the current season, by the way, he started with everything: he already has four balls in the net in two games, putting the Roman team at the top of the table. Grade A.