Heavy rains flood Mexico hospital and cause at least 16 deaths | World

At least 16 patients at a hospital in the Mexican state of Hidalgo (center) died after the establishment was flooded, the Mexican government reported on Tuesday (7).

Large areas of Mexico were hit by heavy rains, especially last Monday (6) that caused the overflow of a river in the state of Hidalgo.

“Yesterday’s rains in Hidalgo caused the Tula River to overflow, flooding the General Hospital in zone 5 of the IMSS, causing the deaths of 16 patients,” the government said in a message on Twitter.

People leave hospital flooded in Mexico in boats or on foot this Tuesday (7) — Photo: Francisco Villeda/AFP

In the message, accompanied by a video, Zoé Robledo, director general of the IMSS, explained that 56 patients were at the medical center, which in a matter of minutes flooded, affecting its functioning.

“At the moment when the electricity in the municipality (of Tula) fell, the oxygenation (received by the patients) was affected, 40 people survived,” explained Robledo.

According to local media, among the victims there are patients with covid-19 who needed oxygen to survive.

Images released by local media showed the hospital flooded and medical staff moving patient stretchers through the water.

Mexican Army members help remove mud in Ecatepec, Mexico, this Tuesday (7) — Photo: CLAUDIO CRUZ / AFP

Authorities said surviving patients were sent to other hospitals in the area.

Hidalgo’s government reported that the rains affected about 39,000 people across the state, in addition to at least five urban furniture structures.

The most affected municipality is Tula, where the federal government has implemented since dawn an operation with military personnel, Civil Defense agents, the National Water Commission and the Federal Electricity Commission.

Meanwhile, in Ecatepec, a suburb of the Mexican capital located about 70 km from Tula, the streets turned into lakes that left at least two people dead.

Rain hit several states in Mexico this Monday night (6); In Ecatepec, a woman tries to remove mud from a commercial establishment — Photo: Claudio Cruz/AFP