Hernanes goes viral with prophecies after being stopped at the Prohibition blitz; watch video | sport

The moment of deep thoughts happened shortly after shirt 08 was sent off, in the confrontation with Athletico, in the last round of Serie A. He left at 21 minutes of the second half by complaint and threatened to go after referee Denis da Silva Ribeiro Serafim ( AL).

– Life is very funny and ironic. I was expelled, few times in my career I was expelled, for problems with disrespect for authority. And look what happens to me… I was stopped at the blitz. Just to confirm last week’s prophetic moment. What you interact with is what you will manifest in your life.

Afterwards, the midfielder says that he was recognized by the police, but took the breathalyzer test.

– I interacted with this, rebelled against an authority. (Later) I was passing on the street and the guy beckoned me to stop. He recognizes me, but he said he had to take the test. When we are clean, our conscience is clean, we don’t fear. Was it a coincidence that the police stopped me? It’s called the Law of Attraction, it can only be. Life is funny.

On the occasion of the sending-off, Hernanes ended up being restrained by left-back Sander and rookie coach Gustavo Florentín. After the match, the midfielder still used social networks to vent criticisms of the CBF and demanded more professionalism from the entity.