Hospital Unimed-Rio receives nursing service certification

O Unimed-Rio Hospital became the second hospital institution in Rio de Janeiro and the fifth in Brazil to have the Distinction Certification of the Nursing Service from Instituto Qualisa de Gestão (IQG). The achievement recognizes the unit’s care practice model, based on professional improvement and excellence in resource management.

The certification process began in 2019. After a long process of evaluating the teams, the seal focuses on repositioning nurses and nursing technicians so that they can act with greater prominence within the multidisciplinary team. In the last of the six stages of assessment, the IQG conducted interviews with different focus groups, from high governance and Human Resources, Nursing and Quality management, to middle management and groups of nurses and nursing technicians.

“We are very proud, especially because this is a certification that values ​​the training and development of these professionals. I would like to immensely thank the nursing teams for their efforts throughout this journey and also for the support given by our Human Resources sector, with training and updates that contributed decisively to this achievement”, celebrates the General Director of Hospital Unimed -Rio, Gabriel Massot.

For the unit’s medical director, Luiz Fernando Simvoulidis, the project’s success is the result of the engagement of various professionals and sectors from the first moment, from diagnosis, to the positive outcome. For the evaluation, the program prioritizes the management of four indicators: turn over, absenteeism, hours of assistance and percentage of allocation of professionals according to their specialization.

“A very large synergy was needed between the areas – especially between the nursing and the Human Resources team -, as well as between top management and the professionals who are on the cutting edge, which made them feel valued throughout the process ”, says Simvoulidis.

For the Nursing Manager at Hospital Unimed-Rio, Shirlene Simas, the program emphasizes the professional’s clinical reasoning, and encourages them to act more effectively in the multidisciplinary team, positioning themselves as care manager. “At each visit, IQG gave us guidelines, which we tried to implement. Certainly, the entire process contributed to the motivation of these professionals, as well as to the training and development of a more critical look in relation to the use of resources. We are all very happy.”