‘I will never be arrested’: Bolsonaro attacks the Judiciary and questions elections in a speech at Paulista

Bolsonaro with hands raised in the air

Credit, EPA

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President addressed pro-government activists in Brasília before going to São Paulo

After attacking the Supreme Court (STF) in a speech in Brasília, President Jair Bolsonaro made a brief statement to pro-government activists on Avenida Paulista this Tuesday (07/09) and raised the tone of criticism of the Judiciary.

Returning to questioning the elections and said he cannot “participate in a farce like this sponsored by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE)”.

The president again hit the printed vote (which was rejected by Congress) and said that “only God” takes him out of power.

“I only get arrested, killed or won,” said the president. “I want to tell the bastards that I will never be arrested.”