Investor wants to reduce money in variable income and return to fixed income – Economy

THE fourth consecutive Selic (basic interest rate), which is currently at 5.25% per year, and the uncertainties of the Brazilian economy are already making investors turn their attention to fixed income, left aside last year and in recent months.

A survey carried out by XP Investimentos with its advisors and clients in the last week of August shows that the number of investors (16%) interested in investing their money in variable income fell 20 percentage points.

In the same period, there was also an increase in the number of people (36%) who want to reduce their investment portfolio in variable income: 25 percentage points. There was also a decline in the number of people who

Even with a sign of migration by investors to fixed income, the majority (46%) intend to keep their resources in variable income.

The asset classes that showed the most interest were:

1) International Investments (70%);
2) Direct Treasury and Fixed Income (65%);
3) Fixed Income Funds (40%);
4) Real Estate Funds (35%);
5) Multimarket Funds (27%);
6) Variable Income Funds (22%); and
7) Gold (9%).

Stock market loses 2.48% and dollar closes at R$ 5.17 in August

In a session marked by internal and external tensions, the stock market fell for the second day in a row and ended the month of August with an accumulated loss of 2.48%.

The dollar started the day with a sharp drop, but reacted in the afternoon and closed slightly lower.

The B3 Ibovespa index ended Tuesday (August 31) at 118,781 points, down 0.8%.

With the performance of the last day of August, the indicator accumulates the second consecutive month of losses, after having fallen 3.94% in July. In the year, the index registers a slight loss of 0.2%.

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