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The iPhone 13 will have its datasheet and price revealed at an event on September 14th. This afternoon Apple sent out invitations for the press and guests to follow the keynote scheduled for 14:00 (GMT). Analysts expect the company to continue betting on a line of four models: conventional iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The invitation has the text “California streaming” in English, in the sense that California will broadcast something. It’s no coincidence: the company’s headquarters are in Cupertino, in the American state. The event will be displayed on the website apple.com, on the Apple TV app and on the official YouTube channel.

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Concept of what the iPhone 13 would look like in new colors — Photo: Reproduction/Apple Tomorrow

The company achieved some of its best numbers with the 2020 generation, the first with 5G internet access. In addition, the design was remodeled, with more straight lines than the 3D curves of previous models.

Smartphone manufacturing starts well before the products are announced. In the case of the iPhone 13, reports have surfaced in recent weeks that Apple has called for supply chain reinforcements. Reports show that 200,000 extra workers were called on to produce the new line in China.

Asian factories must produce between 90 and 100 million units for the initial batch of product. The company typically delivers the devices about two weeks after launch in select countries such as the United States, which leads us to conclude that tens of millions of iPhone 13 units would be ready for shipment by the end of September.

Traditionally, Brazil is in a second wave of deliveries, which usually takes up to two months. Around here, therefore, it is to be expected that the prices of the iPhone 12’s successor will be known later on.

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Five Things You Need to Know About the iPhone 12 Launch

There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding possible changes to the iPhone 13 lineup. For example, Apple is expected to adopt the Always On screen technology, in which basic information such as clock and appointments appear on the display even when it’s turned off . Rival products have been offering the feature for at least five years.

This would be possible from the lessons learned with the Apple Watch, which in the last two years has come to rely on a similar technology, which constantly displays data without compromising the battery too much.

There’s also talk about the return of Touch ID, the fingerprint biometrics engine that marked the first iPhones, but which was retired with the arrival of the iPhone X and Face ID. Today, iPad Air has fingerprint biometrics – the on/off switch is built into the sensor and is located on the side of the tablet.

Apple fans dream of lesser notch; size is the same since the iPhone X (pictured) — Photo: Luciana Maline/TechTudo

The ultra wide camera can look better on the new generation of cell phones. It would be able to capture more accurate images. Pro series devices, suitable for professional use, can also receive even more sophisticated features in the field of photography.

For now there are many rumors, as is usual when we are talking about Apple. The company tries to keep the utmost secrecy about upcoming releases – to the point of notifying people who have leaked news on social networks. The fact is that the iPhone 13 will be fully known within a week. The betting counter is buzzing.

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