Jeff Bezos should invest in startup that promises to rejuvenate people

A new company registered in the US and UK called Altos Labs is seeking human rejuvenation, according to an MIT Technology Review report published on Saturday (4). The idea behind it is the biological reprogramming of cells in order to revitalize entire bodies. And one of the most interested in the topic is Jeff Bezos, founder and former CEO of Amazon.

The creator of Altos is Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, founder of the company and an investor in giants like Facebook, Zynga, Twitter and Spotify, all through his venture capital company DST Global. Milner is also an enthusiast of advanced science, and in mid-2013 he launched an award to give US$33 million (R$170 million) to 11 breakthrough scientists in the fields of physics, biology and mathematics — that is, US$3 million (R $15 million) for each.

According to sources told the site, in addition to Bezos, Milner himself and his wife Julia invested in Altos through a foundation called the Milky Way Research Foundation, which is expected to award grants of US$ 1 million per year for three years to several researchers in the field. of longevity. Nobel Prize winner in chemistry Jennifer Doudna is on the advisory board that will review the company’s research proposals.

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A former head of the National Cancer Institute and now an entrepreneur, Richard Klausner has become CEO of Altos, according to a company registry in the UK. Klausner lives, as does Milner, in Los Altos Hills, a region near California’s Silicon Valley.

The sources told MIT that Milner’s focus on the subject is philanthropic, but his and Bezos’ involvement in the story — both very wealthy and approaching 60 years of age — suggests that they may also be interested in delaying their own aging. As both have not responded to the site’s interview requests, we shouldn’t see them admitting this for a while yet.

Anyway, the search for youth is a growing trend. Besides Calico, founded in 2013 by Larry Page, co-creator of Google, other startups in this hunt are Life Biosciences, Turn Biotechnologies, AgeX Therapeutics and the British Shift Bioscience. But for now, all this time hasn’t resulted in any final, human-tested treatments.

Source: MIT Technology Review

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