Journalist disguises himself to cover pro-Bolsonaro demonstrations

Noblat Guga made a revelation that left his followers very surprised. by telling that he had to dress in an unusual way to cover the protests in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro, which are taking place this Tuesday (7th), in a large part of the country. The journalist said that he “disguised himself as a minion” so that he would not suffer attacks.

The “fantasy” to which he refers, in fact, are typical garments worn by the vast majority of people who support the President of the Republic. Therefore, the journalist he went to work wearing a Brazilian national team shirt, a black mask with the Brazilian flag on one side and the description “Bolsonaro 2022” on the other, as well as black glasses.

Noblat commented that he had to cover the event in this way, as he feared being attacked by some of the protesters. The publication made by the journalist, in addition to the image, it has the following description: “For those who asked, the images are mine, I dressed up as a minion and went to work there without running the risk of being skinned alive”.

Since the night of this Monday (06), eve of the pro-Bolsonaro acts, Guga was already publishing content about the event. This morning (07), the journalist was already posting videos and updating the real situation in Brasília. In one of the videos shared through his official Twitter profile, Noblat recorded the moment where a man is caught by protesters accusing him of theft.

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In another tweet, the journalist recorded and shared on his social networks, a video where the crowd of pocketnaristas reacts to Jair Bolsonaro’s speech. At this moment, the president ordered Fux to frame SFT ministers. The speech was greeted with shouts of “Out, Alexandre” and applause from those who are faithful to Bolsonaro’s thoughts.

In one of the most viewed videos, with nearly 55,000 views, Noblat shows a group of paratroopers trying to convince other protesters to invade an area that was previously forbidden. The journalist continued to publish the content while he easily went unnoticed with his infallible disguise.

Later, Guga published another video. Without mincing words, the journalist did not think twice and called a group of protesters “crazy coupists”: “There are half a dozen crazy coup plotters plotting to use trucks to invade the forbidden area on the Esplanade. They even moved the trucks but ended up giving up“.

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