know how to lose weight by eating well

tasty diet

tasty diet

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Eating a tasty diet is not impossible. A balanced diet, contrary to what some might think, is not synonymous with suffering. In order to lose weight, it is not necessary to renounce the pleasures of the palate. But it takes a little creativity and goodwill in the kitchen. In addition to a basic knowledge of foods that can help in the search for a more aesthetic and healthier body.

The pandemic that hit the world in 2020 and continues to wreak havoc has also forced us to change some habits. As a result, many people became sedentary and began to gain weight. According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), more than 20% of Brazilian adults are obese.

To change this reality, in addition to including physical exercise in the routine, it is necessary to review the food eaten during the day. Lack of time and laziness are factors that contribute to a poor diet. After all, ordering a pizza or a hamburger during the week is much easier than defrosting meat and cooking, isn’t it? Another factor that keeps people away from eating well is the false idea that the new menu will be boring. But it is possible to go on a tasty diet and lose weight at the same time.

“The key to overcoming food boredom is to prepare tasty, healthy meals and to vary the food and the way it is prepared”, indicates Adriana Stavro, Master Nutritionist at Centro Universitário São Camilo.

The specialist helped us to raise some tips to make the diet tasty and healthy. Check out:

Method of preparation

Grilling is a very popular cooking method. According to Stavro, this gives a more robust flavor to meats, vegetables and even some fruits. The important thing is to mix other types of preparation so as not to get bored with the food. The nutritionist explains that it is also possible to bake, sauté and use marinades based on vinegar and oil to make the diet more flavorful.

ingredient variation

“Preparing meats, vegetables and grains with herbs and spices create amazing meals with fabulous flavor,” says the expert. According to her, it is possible to enjoy a variety of vinegars to make the diet tasty without implying many additional calories. “Red sauces are a great way to bring out the flavor of meats, grains and vegetables,” he adds.

Inclusion of natural spices

For savory foods it is possible to add some spices such as cumin, black pepper, turmeric and fresh herbs. According to Stavro, they help to spice up food better and make the diet tasty. In sweet dishes, you can include cinnamon and nutmeg, for example. Excellent complements to enhance the flavor of yogurts and fruits. Vanilla, lemon and almonds are also some ingredients that go well with sweet foods.